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TS004- Aging in Anger

Giving the aging process a little kick in the ass.

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Neutral Milk Hotel Untitled Track 00:00
Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum The Wrong Parts (Vivian Sisters Singing) 02:16
The Dresden Dolls Girl Anachronism 10:35
DinoSau Pärris 13:31
Hearts of Darknesses Crazy Legs Man Boy 16:22
Modest Mouse Shit Luck 18:51
Nirvana Tourette’s 21:12
Clues Cave Mouth 22:43
Frank Black Ten Percenter 26:35
Mark Bragg Band Born Trade 29:55
Bang! Bang! Eche! 4 To The Floor 33:55
PowerSolo Kat Nazer (Powersoul) 37:22
Frank Zappa The Gumbo Variations 40:37
The Lovely Eggs Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion? 57:32


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