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TS006- Five Star Day

Pairs well with, which these days is getting a run for its money from.

Right-Click, Save As…


Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Those Darlins Keep My Skillet 00:00
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Mean Son of a Gun 02:07
Carolina Chocolate Drops Cornbread And Butter Beans 04:42
Asylum Street Spankers By and By 08:08
Billy Bragg & Wilco Aginst Th’ Law 12:22
Bob Dylan You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere 15:20
Modest Mouse Wild Packs Of Family Dogs 17:57
Benjy Ferree A Little At a Time 19:40
Loretta Lynn You’re Lookin’ At Country (Single Version) 22:17
Melissa McClelland Glenrio 24:33
The Be Good Tanyas the littlest birds 29:54
The Breeders Drivin’ On 9 34:00
The Peekers Sweet Singin’ Birds 37:17
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez Mostly A Friend 40:36
Sxip Shirey My Own Dirge 42:48
The Gypsy Kings Boogie 47:13
Christina Rosenvinge Anoche (El puñal y la memoria) 50:30


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