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TS007- Charlie’s Kitsch

Rock, pure and simple

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
1. The White Stripes Offend In Every Way 00:00
2. Gringo Star All Y’all 03:03
3. Beulah Maroon Bible 05:50
4. Pavement Stereo 09:09
5. Breeders safari 12:12
6. Frank Black Adda Lee 15:40
7. The Pretty Please The Rockstar Guide to Falling 17:36
8. Oxford Collapse Please Visit Your National Parks 20:12
9. Arkells Oh, The Boss Is Coming 24:16
10. Built To Spill Trimmed and Burning 27:59
11. Of Montreal Forecast Fascist Future 32:04
12. David Bowie Queen B***h 36:25
13. Modest Mouse Paper Thin Walls 39:35
14. The Subjects The Hounds of War 42:35
15. The Moondoggies Changing 46:25
16. Fantasy’s Core Stone Age Bug 50:56


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