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TS052- Baby Baby Baby Baby

An aggressive but nonetheless fun set.

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Priestbird Diamond 00:00
McLusky To Hell With Good Intentions 04:14
Baby Baby Breakin 06:39
Baby Baby Fire 10:12
Black Lips Modern Art 13:43
Bass Drum Of Death Velvet Itch 15:41
Digital Leather Blackness 18:34
Yellow Dogs Gastronomic Meal 21:11
Gardens Maze Time 26:05
Bosco Delrey Baby’s Got A Blue Flame 30:05
King Tuff Hands 33:21
White Denim Jay Time (Hard Stuff Cover) 36:07
Kelli Schaefer Ghost of the Beast 39:00
Le Butcherettes Henry Don’t Got Love 42:41
The Heligoats Rubber Stopper 47:29
The Goldberg Sisters Erik Erikson 50:43
Oberhofer o0O0o0O0o 54:43
Youngteam Daydreamer 58:08
Viva Voce Daylight 62:22


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