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TS055- Funkhouser

The Funkhouser Building, located on Funkhouser Drive in central
campus, is home to Undergraduate Admissions, the Registrar, Financial
Aid, Student Billing, other student services, and other offices and

It was built in 1942 to house the biological sciences and was named to
honor William Funkhouser, chairman of the zoology department and dean
of the Graduate School. Funkhouser is as Funkhouser does. Funkhouser.

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Jessica 6 East West Funk 00:00
Jim Jones Believe in Magic 05:34
Don’t Talk To The Cops! Animal Planet Rock (feat Hollis of Canary Sing) 08:25
Young Montana? Sacre Cool 11:08
AM444 Eye Wonder 15:45
Modest Mouse Education 19:20
Ocote Soul Sounds 1392 Pathways 23:12
Ikebe Shakedown 1416 Kumani Walk 25:49
Kubik Shina-Kak 30:29
Dinner At The Thompson’s Rice N Beans (feat. Guilty Simpson) 34:10
Apollo Brown Desperation 38:01
Outkast Dracula’s Wedding 41:11
People Under The Stairs Blowin Wax 43:44
Consequence Public Eye (It’s The Cons Version) 48:15
Ghostfunk The Same Girl 50:21


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