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TS056- strAnGING

I hate getting older, but I celebrate my birthday every year (or at least plan to) by indulging in some of the weirdest music that I’ve heard in the past year. I began with the notion of doing a 37 song compilation (one for every cursed year), but gradually whittled that down to the excellent collection of 19 songs that you see here. When you’re in the mood, enjoy; it is an absolute beast.

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Sore Losers The Deadly Intro 00:00
Nihilist Assault Group 9/11 Responders Bill (featuring Anthony Weiner’s speech) 01:36
Jay Electronica Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) 04:31
Amon Tobin Lost And Found 13:31
Consortium Musicum Mechanical Mammoth 18:20
Berg Sans Nipple Dead Dinosaurs Rule the Earth 20:44
Zammuto YAY 24:03
Distal Typewriter Tune 27:38
OliveTreeDance Airport Tunnel 31:56
Toog Traffic Jam 35:54
Μαριζα Κωχ Καροτσερη Τραβα 41:01
Morricone, Ennio Guerra E Pace, Pollo E Brace 43:15
Za! Bugamaistah, Spazzfrica Ehd & Papa duPau vs. Ceaucescu 48:04
Eric Copeland Krankendudel 51:15
Zoobombs HW55 55:20
Las Kellies Perro Rompebolas 58:30
Brazilian Money Give Up That Dog 60:01
Dan Melchior und Das Menace English Shame 62:45
Chain & The Gang Not Good Enough 64:59


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