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TS057- How to Care

A rocking, dirty group of songs designed to make your knees tremble and bounce. And it has the fine distinction of being the first official post on this humble blog.

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Mikal Cronin Apathy 0:00
Gross Relations When You Go Down 2:34
The Sunshine Factory Twisted And Clover 5:11
Indian Wars 8 Feet High 9:02
Twerps She Didnt Know 11:34
Keys The Colour Red 14:04
Viva Viva Valentine 17:34
Emily & The Faves Golden Hair 20:27
Pacific Pride Yankee Soda 23:22
An American Chinese No No Like That 29:05
Natural Child The Jungle 31:45
Jeremy Lee Given Dragonfly 33:55
The Liptonians You Know I Did 36:56
Michel Polnareff Hey you woman 41:40
Eleanor Friedberger Early Earthquake 46:53
Generationals When They Fight, They Fight 50:03
Bird of Youth Stop Staring 53:21


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