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TS060- Race the Sun

This mellow set exhibits a relatively wide range of musical styles, along with a wee bit of foreshadowing.

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Ane Brun Do You Remember 00:00
Chaweewan Dumnern Sao Lam Plearn 03:09
Topaz Jones Groovy 07:15
Mac Miller Nikes On My Feet 11:27
Physics These Moments 14:11
Teedra Moses Another Luvr (feat. Wale) 17:58
Howlin’ Woods Boss (HW Rock Box Recording) 22:02
Moon Bounce Sleeper’s Quarrel 26:00
Adeem Feat. Sherwin Sleeves Racing With the Sun 30:01
Pylon Yo-Yo (The Calvinist Unsaved Mix) 33:04
Shabazz Palaces An Echo from the Hosts That Profess Infinitum 37:02
Gardens & Villa Black Hills 40:15
Amtrac Came Along 44:55
No Gold Rainforts 48:21
No Ceremony Hurtlove 53:50


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