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TS069- Panic! It’s almost 2012

Part I of ending this inglorious year with a glorious bang.

Right-Click, Save As…

Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Young Circles 2012 00:00
John Steel Singers Rainbow Kraut 03:03
Fidlar Oh 07:38
Pontiak Lions of Least 09:57
Total Slacker Stuck in ’93 12:14
Peter Kernel Panico ! This is love 14:42
The Fatty Acids Memory Banks 17:38
Thick Shakes Neighbor’s Goods 19:57
Sleigh Bells Infinity Guitars 22:06
Duchess Says Time to Reiterate 24:34
Girl in a Coma Adjust 28:53
Al Lover Natural Child – White Man’s Burden 32:43
Crocodiles Billy Speed 35:30
Zoobombs Way In / Way Out 38:44
Turf War Cheers To The Years 48:20
Whitehorse Killing Time is Murder 50:51
Wooden Shjips Auld Lang Syne 54:53


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