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TS071- Very, Very Serious

In spite of the fact that the Republican party appears poised to nominate … well … any of their candidates. In spite of the fact that I will spend the latter half of the year striking Usain Bolt victory poses for every accomplishment, large and small. In spite of the fact that the world knows my yet-to-be-born daughter as “Pony Bob”. In spite of all of these things, in 2012 danger and failure lurk behind every corner- and a serious year deserves a serious beginning.

Right-Click, Save As…

Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Other Lives For 12 00:00
Broadcast Echo’s Answer 04:08
The Cyrillic Typewriter Troops of Blue Silver 07:15
This Immortal Coil Cardinal Points (feat. DAAU, Christine Ott) 10:17
Two Star Symphony Goblin Attack 15:41
Hjaltalín Suitcase man 22:52
Lana Del Rey Video Games 27:46
Scott Solter The Great Cold 32:32
Trentemøller Neverglade (Trentemøller Remix) 37:18
The Irrepressibles In this Shirt 43:30
Mount Moriah Old Gowns 49:00
Tasseomancy Diana 54:36
Emmy The Great Dinosaur Sex 60:31
Brett Netson God is Wrong 66:06


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