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TS072- Winter Welcome

Time was, I would celebrate the start of winter with a weather-warranted Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome. After the worst skunk beer of all time, I ended the tradition. But the spirit lives on here in music form, without a single skunk note.

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Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
Eric & Magill Old Man Winter 00:00
Colossal Gospel Bloody Boat 02:27
Richard Warren Wasteland 04:09
Heidi Harris Strum 08:28
Hospitality Half an Apple 10:48
Willkommen Collective Emma Gatrill plays Thousand Ships by Dancehalls 14:02
Br’er City of Ice 18:18
Rostam Wood 22:02
del Bel Dusk Light 27:45
Dear Reader Fox (Take Your Chances) 32:54
Jim Guthrie, Sarah Harmer, Bry Webb Long Time Before This (Gwaii Haanas) 36:39
Beach House I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun 38:58
Petula Wives (Savoy Grand cover) 42:05
Lady Lazarus The Eye in the Eye of the Storm 46:24
Surface of Atlantic A Land Of Long Evenings 50:31
Samantha Crain Beloved, We Have Expired 54:50


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