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TS073- Pregnant Chick Finds a Way

When she’s not running a laboratory or carrying a child in her belly for 9 months, she saves some of these things from being way too weird. Case in point.

Right-Click, Save As…

Artist + link Song Start iTunes Amazon eMusic else
1. Nikkiya When I Was High 00:00
2. Trwbador Sun In The Winter 03:05
3. Pulco Whistle Frog Finds A Way 07:03
4. Jane Jane Pollock Stuck On A Highway Island 10:30
5. Lisa Hannigan Knots 14:40
6. Edda Magnason Blondie (Single Edit) 18:08
7. Lip Color Wish You Were Dead 22:02
8. The City and Horses We Will Never Be Discovered 24:34
9. Superhuman Happiness Hounds 27:44
10. Mathieu Santos Northern Mentality 30:16
11. Richard Swift Laugh It Up 33:40
12. Vampyramiden Pyromanens Dotter 36:17
13. Himalayan Bear How Could Death Contend 40:17
14. ME & LP La Belle Tocade 44:19
15. Gold Leaves The Silver Lining 48:10
16. Colossal Gospel Observer and Creature 53:10


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