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TS075- Bird

Around our house, the animal of choice (evidently rhetoric is lost on 2 year olds).

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Artist + link Song Start
1 Bellows Uh Oh! 00:00 buy it
2 Daredevil Christopher Wright The Animal of Choice 03:48 buy it
3 Hello Caller Box Above the Belt 10:06 buy it
4 John Southworth Human Cry 15:05 buy it
5 Argyle Johansen Percocet Blues 20:02 buy it
6 Jack & The Bear Back To Despair 23:16 buy it
7 The Big Eyes Family Players Jack 27:07 buy it
8 Orienteers I Tried to Picture Us 29:35 buy it
9 Laish She is Clever 33:33 buy it
10 Radical Face All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye) 37:00 buy it
11 Evil Hand Garmin 41:00 buy it
12 Grand Hallway Father’s Clothes 44:32 buy it
13 Gorgeous Bully Better Than Your Friends 49:57 buy it
14 Ravenna Woods 1390 Graves 53:09 buy it
15 Laura Gibson La Grande 56:06 buy it


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