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TS076- Precambrian and PostPrecambrian

A determined march through the history of life on Earth, several states of consciousness, and the universe- even making its way to a galaxy far, far away.

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Artist + link Song Start
1 Coughy Precambrian 00:00 buy it
2 SoKo I Thought I Was An Alien 05:06 buy it
3 Bantum New String (feat. Owensie) 07:22 buy it
4 SPIRIT ANIMAL I’m Around 12:07 buy it
5 Good Sport Going Steady 15:58 buy it
6 Icy Demons This Is It! 20:22 buy it
7 Zammuto F U C-3PO 25:06 buy it
8 Neal Morgan Fathers Day 28:30 buy it
9 Michael Nhat and Magick Orchids MENU 33:35 buy it
10 Wise Blood Darlin You’re Sweet (d’Eon Remix) 36:06 buy it
11 Netherfriends Tac Tac 41:08 buy it
12 Dinosaur Feathers Teenage Whore 44:36 buy it
13 Atlas Sound Te Amo 48:34 buy it
14 Wintercoats Cathedral 52:42 buy it
15 WOOM Sister 55:59 buy it
16 The Cyrillic Typewriter NAMES 58:48 buy it
17 Pree Songs Of Promise 59:43 buy it
18 Jordan O’ Jordan Lever, Leave Here 63:29 buy it


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