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TS078- Some Kind of Love

A half-hearted (oh yeah, I went there) attempt to make a Valentine’s day mix last week gave way to this group of gems.

Right-Click, Save As…

Artist + link Song Start
1 Michael Kiwanuka I Need You By My Side 00:00 buy it
2 Theresa Andersson What Comes Next (w. Peter Moren) 02:34 buy it
3 Metronomy The Look 06:01 buy it
4 Yukon Blonde Choices 10:34 buy it
5 Appaloosa The Day (We Fell In Love) 13:44 buy it
6 Oh Land Wolf & I 17:30 buy it
7 Gotye Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra) 22:18 buy it
8 Morning Birds The Quickening 26:20 buy it
9 Satellite Giant Two Drums 29:44 buy it
10 Caveman Old Friend 35:37 buy it
11 Trailer Trash Tracys You Wish You Were Red 39:33 buy it
12 Electric Wire Hustle They Don’t Want 43:20 buy it
13 Mario Hills Paint (ft V. Anthony) 47:42 buy it
14 Delusionists Underachiever 50:46 buy it
15 Big K.R.I.T. Dreamin’ 55:03 buy it
16 POLIÇA Lay Your Cards Out (feat. Mike Noyce of Bon Iver) 59:06 buy it
17 Arundel Wintersun 63:11 buy it
18 Grace Woodroofe Battles 68:56 buy it


2 thoughts on “TS078- Some Kind of Love

  1. thankful to end up here – thank you for sharing! enjoying your mix and sharing with friends; an introduction to some new artists for me and a few favorites. i can feel the half heart here and there.

    Posted by mark | 21-Feb-2012, 11:25 PM

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