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TS081- No Surprises

A whimsical prance through the quirky idiosyncrasies that make up modern life. And so long to Winter 2012; we hardly knew thee.

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Artist + link Song Start
1 The Chap Courage And Modesty 00:00 buy it
2 Tim Fitz The Line 02:26 buy it
3 Stephen Paul Smoker Green City 05:28 buy it
4 Good Sport Pity Party 10:19 buy it
5 Oona Les fleurs 13:16 buy it
6 Brown Bread and Von Holt Why Are You So Damn Agreeable? 17:10 buy it
7 Radio for the Daydreamers Freelance Dream Killing Machine (gunpoint dub mix) 20:26 buy it
8 Todd Terje Myggsommer 23:27 buy it
9 Blonds Kite 26:45 buy it
10 Air Seven Stars 29:59 buy it
11 Lower Dens Brains 34:08 buy it
12 Lilacs & Champagne Lilacs 39:05 buy it
13 Burning Hearts Burn Burn Burn 42:17 buy it
14 Creature Breath Quiver 46:06 buy it
15 Waxahatchee Bathtub 50:42 buy it
16 Cheyenne Marie Mize Call Me Beautiful 53:47 buy it
17 Daniel Rossen Saint Nothing 57:04 buy it
18 The Kills The Last Goodbye 61:54 buy it


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