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TS082- All Coiled Up and Stuff

Spring is here, and it is everywhere.

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Artist + link Song Start
1 Arundel An Underwater Birth 00:00 buy it
2 Cocos Lovers Elephant Lands 03:06 buy it
3 Treefight For Sunlight Facing the Sun 08:09 buy it
4 Bright Moments Travelers 11:58 buy it
5 Jeremy Loops The Gypsy Opera 17:25 buy it
6 Tall Tall Trees Waiting on the Day 21:25 buy it
7 Cheyenne Marie Mize Wishing Well 26:12 buy it
8 To All My Friends Ride With Me 28:17 buy it
9 Y La Bamba Squawk 31:09 buy it
10 Patrick Watson Into Giants 34:12 buy it
11 Shakey Graves Built to Roam 38:35 buy it
12 Diver Illusions 41:43 buy it
13 Nick Lowe Checkout Time 44:35 buy it
14 Bryan John Appleby The Rider. The Horse. The Land 47:25 buy it
15 Seryn Untitled 50:39 buy it
16 Frank Fairfield Poor Old Lance 53:19 buy it
17 Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business The Ballad of Ed Geen 57:07 buy it


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