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TS083- Early Bird

Maybe it’s the months of sleep deprivation talking, but… every one of these songs hits me like a great idea. We kick things off with one of the most promising bands of 2012 and continue in like fashion through an always-interesting set of fun noise.

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Artist + link Song Start
1 Inspired & the Sleep Take Pills (Instructed Bliss) 00:00 buy it
2 Kendall Elijah Early Bird 03:48 buy it
3 Fixers Another Lost Apache 06:48 buy it
4 American Royalty Matchstick 09:38 buy it
5 Felice Brothers Fire at the Pageant 13:51 buy it
6 Jim White Infinite Mind 17:22 buy it
7 We Were Evergreen Baby Blue 20:43 buy it
8 Chasing Kings Nice Guys 23:32 buy it
9 Synthcake Solo 26:59 buy it
10 Orpheum Bell Poor Laetitia 30:58 buy it
11 A. David MacKinnon The Past is a Foreign Country 34:49 buy it
12 Lanie Lane Like Me Meaner 39:03 buy it
13 Jenny Owen Youngs Two By Two 42:35 buy it
14 Alice and Michi Fighters 46:29 buy it
15 Son Lux All The Right Things 49:39 buy it
16 Skeletons More Than The One Thing 53:27 buy it
17 GET SET GO Kiss Me Like You Love Me 56:31 buy it


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