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TS084- Doin’ It Right

Some straight-up rock, pop, face-melting sun-drenchery, and genre-bending genre bending… all packaged up nice and clean-like for you, dear listener.

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Artist + link Song Start
1 Cheers Elephant Doin’ It, Right 00:00 buy it
2 Pond Moth Wings 02:49 buy it
3 LA Font The American Leagues 05:53 buy it
4 The Plastic Traps Corridor 08:32 buy it
5 Pandercakes Paint By Numbers 12:02 buy it
6 Fake Problems 5678 16:24 buy it
7 Battles Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo) 19:59 buy it
8 alt-J Fitzpleasure 24:36 buy it
9 Caviare Days You’ll Qualify 28:13 buy it
10 Vegomatic Tu es beau ( ) 32:00 buy it
11 Uncle Roman’s Jetboat Fearless Like Yourself 34:16 buy it
12 Ty Segall & White Fence I Am Not A Game 38:01 buy it
13 Shrouded Strangers Featherbed 42:03 buy it
14 Campfires Melted Rubber Soul 45:42 buy it
15 Mujeres Frantic 49:16 buy it
16 Terry Malts Where Is The Weekend? 51:17 buy it
17 Fog Digging Sessions Not If You Were The Last One Invited 53:17 buy it


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