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TS085- Mind Control

You will like these songs.

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Artist + link Song Start
1 Holobody Michael 00:00 buy it
2 Porcelain Raft Unless You Speak From Your Heart 05:19 buy it
3 Tennis Deep In The Woods 08:48 buy it
4 Jessie Baylin Little Trouble Girl 11:47 buy it
5 mr. Gnome The Way 15:23 buy it
6 KYNAN He Just Wants To Make Love 20:17 buy it
7 PT Walkley The Way That You Are 24:31 buy it
8 Hospitality Sleepover 28:46 buy it
9 WhoMadeWho Below The Cherry Moon 31:32 buy it
10 Josh and Mer Mind Control 37:41 buy it
11 Doe Paoro Born Whole 40:23 buy it
12 Shook Twins Window 44:24 buy it
13 Arnoux Brand New Eyes 48:31 buy it
14 Frankie Rose Gospel/Grace 52:45 buy it
15 Water Liars It Is Well With My Soul 55:38 buy it
16 House Of Wolves Ageless 59:25 buy it
17 Glass Cake Window 61:50 buy it
18 Coeur de pirate Lève les voiles 64:47 buy it


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