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TS086- Shapeshifting

If you have not already, take a moment to familiarize yourself with and bask in its genius. I’ve been using it for a few months now to sweep through the blogs listed on the right and to pour through new music that other people ‘love’. Turns out, there is a ton of music to be discovered on the Internet (shocking, I know)- and every nook and cranny is slowly being exposed for your listening pleasure.

Perhaps some artists/labels will be upset to find that so much of their material is just sitting there, available to stream for free – but don’t kill the messenger. Any infringed-upon party who doesn’t like it can go to the source and ask that the offending material be taken down (Tumblr, I think you can expect to be hearing from the Beatles’ lawyers).

Down the road, with the right suite of tools offered by, one could imagine a pretty robust product for introducing listeners to new music – without necessarily giving them permanent streaming access to any particular song (even though the underlying mp3 or Soundcloud stream might continue to be available otherwise). The possibilities here are truly endless. Whatever happens, it seems blindingly obvious that (or something equivalent) is going to be at the center of it all.

As for me, I am a simple man with simple needs- I just want to be able to organize the songs that I’m discovering into playlists for you, noble listener. I hear that this functionality will be ready soon, but I’m the impatient type (you are learning a lot about me today). So, until that’s rolled out, I will be bastardizing the current incarnation of creating a new account each week to pump out my unique brand of listening experience. (edit 18-June-2012: Based on this bomb and a nagging voice in the back of my head, I am now of the opinion that should not offer playlist functionality, because it will turn into grooveshark, which is an abomination.)

And what a unique brand we have this week- I couldn’t possibly have found a better group of songs to usher in this new era of Tilt-Spin. Enjoy. And to state the obvious, don’t bother following tilt_spin_ts086, since these are the only songs that will ever be loved by it (my actual profile is linked on the right).

TS086- Shapeshifting.

Artist + link Song
1 Sonnymoon Blast Off (extended version feat. d’Alion) buy it
2 Satellite Giant Biker Joel v. Asymmetric Satan buy it
3 Hear Hums Woo buy it
4 Agent A & Omae Breathing 2007 buy it
5 Algodón Egipcio Anita buy it
6 Zorch E.M.F. buy it
7 Bear in Heaven Sinful Nature buy it
8 Paperfangs Books buy it
9 the Jacka feat. Andre Nickatina Glamorous Lifestyle buy it
10 Daedelus (feat. Inara George) Penny Loafers buy it
11 Chester Endersby Gwazda Skewed buy it
12 Touchy Mob Atlantic Back buy it
13 Ducky Overdose’ buy it
14 Skeleton Zoo Devil’s Lettuce buy it
15 Hundred Waters Visitor buy it
16 Lushlife Big Sur buy it
17 Kydd Hall Pass buy it
18 Antoine Reverb You as a Fish buy it
19 Radio for the Daydreamers Curl Up, Time to Die buy it
20 Kendall Elijah Fairfax (ft. Obii Say) buy it


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