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TS088- Cover Bombs

Some pre-apocalyptic psych folk (and other amazing material that fits) shaped around the best post-apocalyptic psych folk song that you will hear this week.

And my torrid love affair with continues. Listen there (i.e., on

Artist + link From Song + link to purchase Year
1 BOBBY Montague, MA Sore Spores 2011
2 The Title Sequence London Dinosaurs 2012
3 Walter Benjamin London Airports And Broken Hearts 2012
4 Jeff Beam Portland, ME Part One 2012
5 Trogons London Solo Amor 2012
6 Me And My Drummer Berlin Down My Couch 2011
7 Wild Child Austin The Tale Of You & Me 2011
8 Tall Tall Trees NYC Alaska 2012
9 I Am Oak Netherlands On Trees and Birds and Fire 2010
10 Baobab Durham, NC Little Buzzing Bees 2012
11 Nomadic Firs Knoxville, TN Cover Bombs 2012
12 Talkdemonic Portland, OR Revival 2011
13 The People’s Temple Lansing, MI Sons of Stone 2011
14 Motel Beds Dayton, OH Western Son 2011
15 Diamond Rugs Planet Earth Country Mile 2012
16 The Sand Band Liverpool Hour Of The Wolf 2012
17 Slowdim Boston Don’t Cough Me Out 2011


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