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TS089- Tennebelievin’

In my life, the ratio of wild things done in Tennessee to total things done in Tennessee is probably higher than the comparable ratio for any other state… which, for anyone who knows me, is an astonishing fact.  I return this weekend for hopefully more wholesome fun, but armed with a just-in-case soundtrack. This one has quite an arc to it, to say the least.


format: Artist + link (from) – Song + link to purchase (Album, yyyy)

  1. Schoolboy Q (L.A.) – There He Go (Habits & Contradictions, 2012)
    This album is a lock for year-end best-of lists.  This song is, in fact, off the hook- in the fishing sense: flopping on the ground crazy fresh. The chorus in particular is just purely unhinged. If you’re not already familiar with Mr. Q and his Black Hippy friends, check out this excellent article over at The Fader.
  2. Danny Brown (Detroit) – Grown Up (single, 2012)
    You don’t have to grow up. I spent the evening of my 30th birthday swigging beer on top of an out-of-commission oil car on the MA commuter rail tracks. Danny seems more introspective.
  3. Action Bronson (Flushing, NY) – Nordic Wind (Blue Chips, 2012)
    A nice jazz-inspired piece from everyone’s favorite rapping atheist chef.
  4. Brianna Perry (Miami) – Marilyn Monroe (single, 2012)
    For a while I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated this one, but I’m coming down strongly on the side of ‘love’.   It keeps you off-balance from start to finish with off-kilter, distorted eruptions of random fun noises.
  5. Gremlins (Columbia, SC) – Louder (Gremlins, 2012)
    Some interesting experimentation from Braids and Toro Y Moi members (if you put a gun to my head, I would never have guessed the end result would have sounded like this). Pick up the EP at Bandcamp for name-your-price.
  6. FS (Brooklyn) – Machine Gun Music (Original Mix) (Half Android, 2012)
    Well, no surprises here- they told you exactly what you were getting and delivered mightily.  Though, I find this song to be strangely cathartic.
  7. Bart B More & Felix Cartal (Netherlands / Vancouver) – Cascade (single, 2012)
    I went to like Felix’s Facebook page and his most recent post was “Stop worrying about genres and just decide if you like the music.” I’m right there with you.  Nonetheless, the mid-playlist gunfight continues.
  8. Bronx Cheerleader (Saint Catharines, ON) – Get Out Your Guns (Get Out Your Guns, 2011)
    Beat ’em to the draw.  Even with electronic elements, this almost sounds like a country song after the previous two.
  9. Meg Myers (L.A.) – Tennessee (Daughter In The Choir, 2012)
    I think she really hates LA; it’s not just a put-on for this hi-larious and ironically Zappa-esque tune.  I’ll say hi to the Smokeys this weekend for you, Meg.
  10. Siba (Brazil) – Canoa furada (Avante, 2012)
    If you haven’t already heard of the Music Alliance Pact, it is a monthly introduction to amazing material like this from bloggers across the globe. Check ‘er out. This is some thumping madness that will make you forget that you were just wondering… well, I imagine you were wondering something just a minute ago.
  11. Liesa Van der Aa (Antwerp, Belgium) – Visitor (Album version) (Troops, 2012)
    Mic’d bathroom break during a  group sing-along… Why not? You are a genius, Liesa. (thanks to the Waiting Room for this one)
  12. Cuddle Magic (Brooklyn / Philadelphia) – Jason (Info Nympho, 2012)
    Clearly written for my son’s 3rd birthday today.  He is indeed a clever young man.  Mad bonus points with my wife for the name Cuddle Magic.
  13. mr. Gnome (Cleveland) – Bit of Tongue (Madness in Miniature, 2011)
    What to say- this is one of the hottest bands out there, and deservedly so. I’ve read a few White Stripes comparisons, and remain unconvinced (yes, I know – boy/girl, guitar/drums – I get it).  If pressed, I guess I’d have to say the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  I was actually prepared to offer a cash reward to whichever listener could correctly ID which band the beginning of this song sounded like, because it was absolutely driving me crazy that I couldn’t.   To the immense annoyance of my family – who got to listen to 10 second snippets of about 100 different songs – I figured it out (the correct answer was “Thao”). Regardless, these comparisons are not to suggest that their sound is derivative or copycat.  These are true artists who are seemingly at the top of their game. Go buy this album; go see them; etcetera.
  14. Caracol (Montreal) – Shiver (Shiver, 2012)
    I am a sucker for this jangly, fluttery synth style of music- and this is about as good as it gets.  (yet again, thanks to the Waiting Room for this one)
  15. Sharpless (Brooklyn) – Greater Than (single, 2012)
    A nice free thank-you on Bandcamp for fans. For me, it was an introduction (win!). To my ears, kind of an interesting love-child of Bright Eyes and M83.  Which is to say, it is a blast.


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