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I listen to a decidedly unreasonable amount of music and then periodically post “the best of the best” in bootstrapped compilations- along with links to the bands’ websites and iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, etc. for purchasing the music you like- which should be all of it, because all of the music featured on this blog is mind-blowing. Although each compilation is [I think] coherent, overall the music is pretty much all over the place- with my only qualification for including a song being: I love it. While the comments are sparse and might come off as a bit glib, make no mistake that I absolutely love all of this material.  I’ll let you form your own opinion as to why each song is amazing.

And, if I’m not going to opine about these songs, I assure you that I don’t have the time or interest to criticize stuff I hate- whether it’s new material by bands that “used to be awesome”, some crap fad, etc. Again, if I love something, you will see it here. If I don’t, you won’t. That having been said, I don’t quite see the utility of a small outfit like this rubber-stamping already-established musicians.  So, there’s a strong favoritism towards material from up-and-coming or lesser-known bands, with a scattering of more popular tunes. This effort is made easier by the unfortunate, simple fact that almost all of the best music – year-in and year-out – is produced by artists that most people have never heard of. We’ll see what we can do about that.

To tie it all together, we have the seasonality of music-listening as the chorus, with each compilation posted as a part of a [U.S.-centric] season:

New Year’s to March 21/22: Winter
March 21/22 to Memorial Day: Spring
Memorial Day to Labor Day:  Summer
Labor Day to Thanksgiving: Fall
Thanksgiving to New Year’s: Year-End

In addition to all of the wonderful musicians, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to a number of blogs and podcasts out there for introducing me to nearly all of the music that you’ll listen to here. They’re all listed in the ‘blogroll’, but I have to give a special thanks to The Waiting Room in particular. I have just thoroughly enjoyed that show for so many years now- it is a treasure if you’re interested in whatever is coming next.

And did I mention that I love all of these songs?

To submit music or to comment privately on the site: mark@tilt-spin.com.



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