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TS089- Tennebelievin’

In my life, the ratio of wild things done in Tennessee to total things done in Tennessee is probably higher than the comparable ratio for any other state… which, for anyone who knows me, is an astonishing fact.  I return this weekend for hopefully more wholesome fun, but armed with a just-in-case soundtrack. This one … Continue reading

TS088- Cover Bombs

Some pre-apocalyptic psych folk (and other amazing material that fits) shaped around the best post-apocalyptic psych folk song that you will hear this week. And my torrid love affair with continues. Listen there (i.e., on Artist + link From Song + link to purchase Year 1 BOBBY Montague, MA Sore Spores 2011 2 … Continue reading

TS087- Seventeen Songs Blowin’ in Your Ear

We switch things up this week, shaking off the firsties to embark on a glorious set that launches and lands in sultry fashion, with plenty in between to keep your various tingly spots on high alert. And special thanks to the generous and talented Erin Ivey for allowing me to stream her ‘Chocolate’ so that … Continue reading

TS086- Shapeshifting

If you have not already, take a moment to familiarize yourself with and bask in its genius. I’ve been using it for a few months now to sweep through the blogs listed on the right and to pour through new music that other people ‘love’. Turns out, there is a ton of music to … Continue reading

TS085- Mind Control

You will like these songs. Right-Click, Save As… Artist + link Song Start 1 Holobody Michael 00:00 buy it 2 Porcelain Raft Unless You Speak From Your Heart 05:19 buy it 3 Tennis Deep In The Woods 08:48 buy it 4 Jessie Baylin Little Trouble Girl 11:47 buy it 5 mr. Gnome The Way 15:23 … Continue reading

TS084- Doin’ It Right

Some straight-up rock, pop, face-melting sun-drenchery, and genre-bending genre bending… all packaged up nice and clean-like for you, dear listener. Right-Click, Save As… Artist + link Song Start 1 Cheers Elephant Doin’ It, Right 00:00 buy it 2 Pond Moth Wings 02:49 buy it 3 LA Font The American Leagues 05:53 buy it 4 The … Continue reading

TS083- Early Bird

Maybe it’s the months of sleep deprivation talking, but… every one of these songs hits me like a great idea. We kick things off with one of the most promising bands of 2012 and continue in like fashion through an always-interesting set of fun noise. Right-Click, Save As… Artist + link Song Start 1 Inspired … Continue reading

TS082- All Coiled Up and Stuff

Spring is here, and it is everywhere. Right-Click, Save As… Artist + link Song Start 1 Arundel An Underwater Birth 00:00 buy it 2 Cocos Lovers Elephant Lands 03:06 buy it 3 Treefight For Sunlight Facing the Sun 08:09 buy it 4 Bright Moments Travelers 11:58 buy it 5 Jeremy Loops The Gypsy Opera 17:25 … Continue reading

TS081- No Surprises

A whimsical prance through the quirky idiosyncrasies that make up modern life. And so long to Winter 2012; we hardly knew thee. Right-Click, Save As… Artist + link Song Start 1 The Chap Courage And Modesty 00:00 buy it 2 Tim Fitz The Line 02:26 buy it 3 Stephen Paul Smoker Green City 05:28 buy … Continue reading