Compilation Index

Summer 2010

TS001- In the Beginning
TS002- Sunset on Something
TS003- Super, Thanks

Fall 2010

TS004- Aging in Anger
TS005- A Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe
TS006- Five Star Day
TS007- Charlie’s Kitsch

Summer 2011

TS048- On Our New Front Porch
TS049- I Fucking Swear
TS050- Fiddy
TS051- True Mark
TS052- Baby Baby Baby Baby
TS053- Dawn and Me
TS054- Over the Water

Fall 2011

TS055- Funkhouser
TS056- strAnGING
TS057- How to Care
TS058- Creator, Destroyer
TS059- The Fall of Mark
TS060- Race the Sun
TS061- Kill the Lights
TS062- The Splattering
TS063- Nothing Wrong with Rock
TS064- Rebirth Canal
TS065- Fall Fall Fall
TS066- Gobble Gobble Gobble

Year-End 2011

TS067- Sounds of the Season
TS068- Spank, Pop
TS069- Panic! It’s almost 2012
TS070- Shut Up and Move

Winter 2012

TS071- Very, Very Serious
TS072- Winter Welcome
TS073- Pregnant Chick Finds a Way
TS074- Shebam! Pow! Blop! Wizzz…
TS075- Bird
TS076- Precambrian and PostPrecambrian
TS077- Rumbletiltspin
TS078- Some Kind of Love
TS079- Afternoon Wonderland
TS080- … and Ended with a Bang
TS081- No Surprises

Spring 2012

TS082- All Coiled Up and Stuff
TS083- Early Bird
TS084- Doin’ It Right
TS085- Mind Control
TS086- Shapeshifting
TS087- Seventeen Songs Blowin’ in Your Ear
TS088- Cover Bombs
TS089- Tennebelievin’



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